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Intravenous Therapy has several benefits over oral nutrition. IV Therapy is normally given to people suffering from chronic illnesses, so the nutrients and therapeutic agents required for faster healing are directly injected into the blood. Intravenous nutrients have many advantages over oral nutrients because they bypass the digestive system and optimally nourish the body's cells and tissues.  

IV Therapy Tubes

IV Therapy is given to patients undergoing:

  • Chemotherapy

  • Radiation treatments

  • Severe illnesses

  • Surgery

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  • Correcting deficiencies

  • Enhancing immune function

  • Administering therapeutic minerals and amino acids

  • Improving overall body function

  • Addressing Chronic illness

  • Chronic fatigue

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Medical uses

Uses of  1V therapy

Apart from providing intravenous therapy to our patients, we also have clients such as body builders, tax preparers, executives, athletes and or those simply wishing to enhance their energy levels. Call Dr. Rojo at 562-496-2340 to find out about our wellness and IV Therapy services.

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